We are in the business of business transformation and innovation

We have an unreasonable obsession with experience, tying business outcomes to process and human-centered design. Our unrelenting focus on the human, the emotional and the empathetic helps us understand key moments of truth and the opportunities they present to produce transformative interactions for your customers and workforce.

Here’s an overview of what we offer:

Customer Experience Strategy

Ask ten people to define Customer Experience (Cx) and you'll get ten different answers. For us, it comes down to this: It's how customers perceive their interactions with an organization.

Focusing on customers' perceptions requires extreme attention to customers' emotional disposition and mental decision-making processes to define and then improve the Cx. This can range from an overall impression of the company's value or specific reactions to key touchpoints both digital and nondigital.

We help teams co-design a future state of the business that aligns employees, processes and technologies to create break-away customer experiences.

Workforce Experience Strategy

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the effect the employee experience has on their customer experiences. Our human-centered and design thinking methods place your employees and their experiences, not the process, at the center.

Using empathetic approaches such as co-design workshops, persona and profile development, rapid prototyping, and interaction design, we help you reimagine every aspect of your employee’s job: the physical environment; how people meet and interact; how managers spend their time; and how you select, train, engage, and evaluate people.  The outcome: higher employee satisfaction, increased engagement, and greater productivity for your company.

Digital Product Design

When customer or workforce experience strategies point to a technology solution, we’re ready to partner with you to create new digital products and transform underperforming ones to drive business growth and improve people's lives.

Our approach clearly articulates a vision for your digital product that balances business goals with the real, measured needs of the people who will use it. Rapid prototyping brings ideas to life quickly and enables frequent and efficient validation with your users, while agile design and development workflows leverage that insight to progressively refine the experience to deliver on its full potential.

Regardless of device or platform, we can help you build and scale the high-performing digital products your customers and workforce demand.

Innovation Services

Innovation is a critical component of a healthy business life cycle. When focusing on how to grow your market share and remain competitive, innovation should be approached as a discipline — a set of best business practices grounded in more than just “blue sky” thinking.

Our approach helps you drive your innovation pipeline. Ideation and evaluation methods, including co-design workshops, rapid sketching, visualization, brainstorming and battle-testing techniques, identify and elevate the best ideas.

From there, we help you transition from a problem-framing and Minimum Viable Product exploration state, to strong hypothesis formulation, rapid concepting, validation and making your go-to-market strategy a reality.

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