Giving Rise to Innovation

XperienceLab gives back to the communities we serve by dedicating a portion of our time, talent and resources to helping develop the skills people need to meet the challenges they'll face in today's marketplace.

The hunger for innovation and disruption is everywhere. We feel a primary responsibility to ensure current and future entrants into the workforce are ready and able to meet these demands. That's why we founded Igniter Institute and are committed to its development.

This program provides continuing education to businesses and educators, as well as mentorships and apprenticeships to high school, undergraduate and graduate students. In this human-centered, experiential learning environment, participants learn and strengthen the critical thinking, strategic design, management and problem-solving skills that will make them indispensable to employers.

igniter testimonial

I have been so impressed with the facilitation of the work and the methods and tools used for empathy-based decision-making, innovation and creative confidence.

Dr. Jennifer Stanfill
Director of Choice Programs
Parkway School District

When you partner with Xperiencelab, you are joining us in an investment in the talent ecosystem of our community through:



We provide mentorship and apprenticeship to high school, undergraduate and graduate students to strengthen workforce and career path readiness.



We teach the tools and methods used during client engagements to sustain the transformation of experiential learning opportunities within the educational system.



We train our clients in the tools, processes and methods during our engagements with them or through experiential learning workshops.

For more information on how your organization can partner with Igniter Institute: