Our Commitment to Innovation

Charles Lindbergh chronicled a key part of St. Louis’ history of innovation in his book The Spirit of St. Louis. The challenges Lindbergh faced as he set out to achieve his vision are no different than those faced by today’s businesses.

XperienceLab is committed to the revitalization of innovation in St. Louis. We built XperienceLab to service Fortune 500, Global 2000 and select start-up businesses, but beyond that, we established the company to help foster innovation in St. Louis and beyond. And now, we're expanding the reach of our mission with the foundation and development of Igniter Institute, which grants mentorships and apprenticeships in innovation practice and design thinking to students and educators.

Our philosophy in consulting is to educate organizations on our methods and tools so they can sustain the transformation we bring to them. These business transformations and the corresponding transfer of knowledge help raise the profile of St. Louis as an important hub of innovation, as it has been throughout its history.

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